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Gifts for the festive season

Stand out from the bunch and send your distant friends or relatives a presentation of chocolates and candy available from Yummybunch.com. Delievered chocolate gifts from as little as $17 AUD inc GST. AND don't forget, delivery is FREE Australia wide!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all round my hips
Were Yummybunch chocolates that sneaked past my lips.
A parcel called the 'The King' was wrapped neatly with care
In hopes that my thighs would forget it was were there.

Placed under the tree and well out of sight.
Away from my thoughts and possible sun-light.
Then all of a sudden it came in like a hunch
I had a bonus gift from the guys at Yummybunch

They were gourmet chocolates to make your mouth drool,
too good to share, unless you're a fool.
It was hard to resist, too hard I say.
Think I'll just eat some more and call Yummy today

I tried so hard to hide it, I tried many ways.
But Yummybunch will send another....in a couple of days.'

Order NOW for delivery before Christmas!

Best Wishes for the festive season from the team at YummyBunch

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Poem written by and copyright© to Yummybunch Pty Ltd